Campaign 2012 Critical Races for the House of Representatives


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Democrats need to have a net gain of 25 seats to take control of the House These are the districts most likely to be in contention.  If you live in one of them, your overseas vote can make a direct difference.

However, please note that as a result of the 2010 census, most districts have changed.  If you put in your zip code at this site, it will show your new district alongside your old one (except for  Rhode Island).  This is very important for those who need to fill in a federal write-in absentee ballot.  

 This list has been put together using multiple independent sources, but is inevitably somewhat arbitrary: send us any additions or corrections.  It is not a list produced by the Democratic Party, nor by any group within the Democratic Party.

The New York Times offers House Race Ratings and a brief analysis of each seat, but surprisingly, it has not been systematically updated. Real Clear Politics offers links as well. Other political analysts and pollsters have their own take on the state of the races.  Be sure to check the DCC Red to Blue listings as well.  


Where redistricting has occurred, it is listed as new.


1    Ann Kirkpatrick  v Jonathan Paton  new district

2     Ron Barber (inc) v Martha McSally

9      Kyrsten Sinema  


03  John Garamendi v Kim Vann (new district)new

CA 07  Ami Bera v Dan Lungren (inc)

CA 09 Jerry McNerney  v Ricky Gill new district  new district

CA- 10 Jose Hernandez  v Jeff Denham 

  CA  24 Lois Capps  v Abel Maldonado

CA 26

CA41   Mark Takano v John Tavaliglione  new district

CA 52  Scott Peters v  Brian Bilbray (inc) (inc)(inc


CO 6  Joe Miklosi v Mike Coffman (inc)


Elisabeth Esty v Andrew Roraback


18 Patrick Murphy v Allen West

26  Joe Garcia v David Rivera (inc)

9 Alan Grayson v Todd Long


12  John Barrow (inc) v   Lee Ivey Anderson       new district  not sure


10 Brad Schnieder v Robert Dold (inc)

11 Bill Foster v Judy Biggert (inc)

12  Bill Enyart v Jason Plummer 

13  David Gill v Rodney Davis  new district

17     Cheri Bustos v Charlie Schilling(inc)


3 Leonard Boswell v Tom Latham

4 Christie Vilsack   v Steve King (inc)


6 John Delaney Roscoe Bartlett (inc)


1 Gary McDowell v Dan Benishek

11 Syed Taj v Kerry Ventivolio


Rick Nolan (inc) v Chip Craavak(inc)  new district 

New Hampshire

1 Carol Shea- Porter v Frank Guinta

2 Ann McLane Kuster   v Charles BassNew MontanMon

New Jersey

 3 Shelley Adler v  Jon Runyan (inc)


3 John Oceguera v Joe Heck (inc|)

New York

1 Tim Bishop v Randy Altschuler

11 Mark Murphy v Michael Grimm

21 Bill Owens Matthew Doheny

25 Louise Slaughter (inc) v Maggie Brooks new district

27  Kathy Hochul (incumbent) v Chris Collins new district  

North Carolina  

7 Mike McIntyre v David Rouzer new district 

8 Larry Kissell (inc)  v Richard Hudson  new district

13 Charles Malone  v George Holding (inc)


Charlie Wilson v Bill Johnson(inc)

16  Betty Sutton (inc) v Jim Renacci(inc)  new district


12  Mark Critz (inc) v Keith Rothfus  new district


23  Pete Gallego v Fransisco Canseco (inc)


Jim Matheson (inc)  v Mia Love  new district