About us




Film Committee: Our Mission and Role


Engagement, Education and Collaboration


•Screen documentaries on a wide range of US political, economic and social issues;
• Organize informative and lively after-screening discussions led by filmmakers, experts and activists;
• Provide information and resources about the issues the film raises;
•Collaborate with other DAUK Committees to engage a wide range of members and to build the DAUK community. 
What we do
•Research and preview a lot of films – good and bad!
•Develop good relationships with filmmakers and distributors
•Discover and negotiate with film distributors the license to screen
•Research and reach out to potential speakers
•Research and produce information on the film and its issues for printed Briefing Notes and the web-based film page www.daukpan.org.uk/Films
•Arrange all the logistics for the event:  for example, venues, check-in, and  in collaboration with DAUK teams:  budgeting, promotion, ticket booking
The Film Committee needs and welcomes new members

Contact us and join this long-established but innovative DAUK Committee. We have been holding Film Nights for over 15 years.

Make fantastic Film Nights happen in 2019 and beyond!  


Contact us films@democratsabroad.org.uk