Capturing the Flag: Panel Discussion

About the speaker panel: 
Laura Mosedale, moderator, is the Co-Chair for Voter Registration at DAUK. A native New Yorker and former board member of the League of Women Voters in Greenwich, CT, she has been living in London since 1998 and a member of DAUK for almost that long. If you’d like to help with voter registration and other get out the vote initiatives among US citizens in the UK in 2020, please talk to her, or email
Maya Buchanan is a lead on the DA Global Voter Protection team, Chair of the DAUK Policy Network and Resolutions. Voting Rights and Democracy group and an Executive Committee member for both DAUK and the Oxford chapter of DAUK. Originally from San Francisco, Maya grew up in the Bay Area and Northern New Mexico. She's lived in the UK for over 25 years and is married with a young family. Maya has built her career in design and project management and works for a political think-tank. For more information on the PNR, Voting Rights and Democracy group, email and include 'Voting Rights' in the subject.   
Adrienne Johnson, a native of Washington, D.C., is Chair and Founder of DAUK’s Black Caucus. She is also a founding member of Democrats Abroad’s Global Black Caucus and sits on the Steering Committee.  A primary goal of the Black Caucus (email is to locate, engage and mobilize DAUK members and American expats who are interested in and actively support policies that lift, protect and correct the root cause of hindrances and systemic inequities that continue to harm and negatively impact black Americans, a key voting block for the Democratic Party. Adrienne is a member of the Film Committee and has served on DAUK’s Executive Committee and is currently a Democratic Party Committee Abroad Voting Representative. She has been a UK resident for many years and lived in Berlin prior to moving to London.   
Julie Shields is an attorney who has been protecting the vote since Gore v. Bush. She has worked across Virginia inside at the polls as a poll watcher, outside at the polls, and fielded calls at hotlines and the boiler room on election day. She is working with DAUK on Voter Protection issues and is also a member of the Film Committee.