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Information about Democrats Abroad and Democrats Abroad UK

Information sheet on DAUK and Democrats Abroad


produced by the Policy Network and Film Committee to encourage collaboration and coordination across the UK and with all committees and caucuses

  Democrats Abroad UK



Facebook: @democratsAbroadUK

Twitter:    @DemsAbroad UK

DAUK Bylaws:  on the Democrats Abroad wiki under Country Committee Bylaws.

·        Key sections: on the mission and role of DAUK


Section 2.1 The purpose of this organization is to advance the interests of the Democratic Party of the United States, maintain the Party's organization in the United Kingdom in order to provide its members with a vehicle for the conduct of its activities and support of its candidates, to represent the interests of the members of the Democratic Party who reside in the United Kingdom, and, when appropriate, represent the Democratic Party in the United Kingdom and its members. Democrats Abroad (UK) is the official body of the Democratic Party of the United States in the United Kingdom.


              Section 2.2 The Democratic Party of the United States has recognized the Democratic

             Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) as the official organization representing American

             Democrats who reside outside the United States of America. Democrats Abroad (UK) has    

             in turn been recognized by the DPCA as the official organization representing American  

             Democrats who reside in the United Kingdom.


Elected Offices and their roles and responsibilities

·        Officers

·        Executive Committee

·        Council

·        Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) Representatives



To volunteer:

To help Get Out the Vote, DAUK

·        has a Voter Registration and Get out the Vote committee (see below);

·        opens a London Campaign office for phone-banking and other GOTV activities for mid-term and general elections;

·        encourages people to phonebank Democrats Abroad members, using DA’s CallHub phone banking system  Click on Take Action for more information.


DAUK chapters:

Cambridge:  email
Oxford:  email
Scotland:  email

DAUK regional groups:

Midlands: email
Yorkshire and the Humber:  email

Caucuses and Committees:

Action Team UK Facebook at   

·        coordinates both ‘rapid response’ and planning for activism around issues and legislation;

·        links up with Democrats initiatives and other DAUK groups to promote and coordinate activism by DAUK members;

·        has a closed ‘organizer’ Facebook group that you can ask to join.

Black Caucus

  • Advocate for legislation and programs that address the unique issues of African Americans and the community of Black people in the US
  • Collaborate with DAUK caucuses and committees to highlight points where our respective issues intersect with other communities and interest groups. 
  • Aim to increase awareness and facilitate discussion about the long-standing contributions of Black Americans to the United State, the Democratic Party and the importance of the Black Vote to Democrats winning seats at local, state and federal level
  • We work in concert with and support the efforts of the Global Black Caucus, the DAUK- and DA International Executive Committees
  • We welcome all who embrace these ideals. 


·        holds meetings every-third-Tuesday in a London pub to discuss current events over dinner and drinks 6:00 - 7:00, and discuss a book from 7:00 to 8:30;

·        for example, they have recently read and discussed Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and the Storming of the Presidency, by Joshua Green and The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King.  On November 21 they will discuss What Happened by Hillary Clinton and on December 12thNotes on a Foreign Country:  An American Abroad in a Post American World by Suzy Hansen;

·        welcomes people to attend whether they have finished the book or not.

Communications Team:  

·        manages all official DAUK communications to our members, including event announcements and reminders;

·        produces our monthly newsletter (send notices to;

·        includes our team of Media Contacts who manage all public speaking and media requests;

·        keeps DAUK connected on social media platforms, (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram);

·        markets all DAUK events that are open to the public.



·        organizes at least four Film Nights a year, screening a documentary on U.S. topics followed by an after-screening discussion, often led by filmmakers and/or experts in the field;

·        for 13 years, has screened a wide variety of documentaries on topics such as voter suppression, campaign finance, economic inequality, environment and energy issues, the financial crisis, racism and the criminal justice system, national security and civil liberties,

the power and influence of right wing media, and more – to engage and educate DAUK members on both current and longer-term issues;

·        welcomes collaboration on a Film Night with other committees and would welcome new members;

·        now planning Film Nights for 2018 -2019.

LGBTQ + Caucus:   

·        aims to raise awareness about issues that affect the American LGBT community in the UK;

·        provides a forum for discussion, activism, and community building amongst our DAUK LGBT members;

·        hosts socials with occasional guest speakers and marches in the London Pride Parade. 

Policy Network and Resolutions Committee: 

·        offers a space for DAUK members to discuss, analyze, research and debate policies related to Economic issues, Environment and Energy issues, Minority Rights, Voting Rights, Healthcare Reform and other critical issues for the United States;

·        will engage and educate DAUK members on issues and policies through the provision of high quality information, analysis and organized events;

·        collaborates with other DAUK committees on projects and supports advocacy and activism;

  • encourages engagement with the Democrats Abroad and the Democratic Party Platforms and policies and promotes civic engagement on party and government policy;
  • welcomes new members to the existing groups and to developing the overall project.

Progressive Caucus   

States Committee:

·        brings together people on the basis of their home/voting state or region (if there are not enough DAUK members from individual states); 

·        encourages people to engage with state-level legislation and other local or regional issues;

·        intends to provide clear and accurate information on state requirements for voting at state level - e.g. requirements, deadlines tax implications. 


Voter Registration and Get Out the Vote:  

·        conducts systematic outreach to get U.S. citizens living in the UK to register to vote at events, universities, businesses - wherever U.S. citizens can be found across the U.K.;

·        provides training for volunteers in how to advise and help people to register to vote;

·        supports all Get Out the Vote activities;

·        in election years – both mid-term and general – DAUK sets up a campaign office in London.

DAUK Taxation Committee  

·        focuses on supporting the work of Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force on Residency Based Taxation.


Women’s Caucus:  email  

Website:  www.    Twitter @DAUKWomenCaucus

  • aims to advance women’s fundamental human rights in the United States;
  • has over 400 members;
  • organizes monthly meetings on subjects such as intersectionality, how to connect with activist groups at home, challenges to the Affordable Care Act;

·        welcomes new members, and invites them to join one of our committees:  Legislative, Events, Media & Communications, Education and Membership; 

·        is planning an event on January 21st, 2018, to celebrate the anniversary of the Women's Marches here in London to bring the "2018 March to the Ballot".


Young Professionals Network (YPN): 

·        builds political engagement by younger Americans abroad through social activities and political events;

·        welcomes all ages.


Democrats Abroad and the Democratic Party Committee Abroad




·        is the home page for access to all Democrats Abroad Country Committees;

·        provides the history of Democrats Abroad and its Charter;

·        promotes activism by all DA members and gives the information and tools required in particular check Tiny Actions;

·        see options under Take Action.

Facebook:  @DemsAbroad

Twitter: @DemsAbroad

Elected Offices and their roles and responsibilities

·        Officers

·        Executive Committee

·        Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) Representatives

·        Representation on the DNC


DPCA Regions and Country Committees


Democrats Abroad Global Caucuses – link people and Country Caucuses around the globe

Black Caucus

Hispanic Caucus

LGBT Caucus

Progressive Caucus

Women’s Caucus

Youth Caucus

DPCA has Global committees and task forces, for example:  

DA Global Action team: this group promotes monthly actions by emails and on the DA website and is building up and sharing resources on the DA wiki-page The Action Team UK links promotes their activities as well.   

Resolutions Committee:  receives and reviews resolutions from DA members and committees and makes recommendations to the DPCA

FATCA/FBAR Task Force and Residency Based Taxation Task Force cover these taxation issues that affect overseas Americans.

Wiki resources  provides links on basic topics, e.g. 

·        DPCA Charter and reference documents

·        Activism:  resources and guidance

Democrats Abroad Platform: 2016


Democrats Abroad Resolutions 2015:

Democrats Abroad Resolutions - previous years:



Democratic Party

Facebook @democrats

Twitter @TheDemocrats

Democratic Party 2016 Platform


Democratic Party structure (to include extracts on DNC, Convention, Committees, etc)




Compiled by EC for the Policy Network and Resolutions Committee and Film Committee, November 2017 (with some updates, July 2018 but more updates and confirmation