Dolores Film Night FAQs

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Topics for discussion 


What was the Delano Strike and Grape Boycott and why was it important?

What role did voter registration play and what new tactics were deployed? 

Why did the Teamsters union sign a 'sweetheart' contract with the grape owners and what did that mean?

How did the  Farm Workers union relate to other social movements of the time? 

Who supported/opposed them?  

Issues and themes

What has been the role of USA trade unions and the labor movement in pursuing economic justice? 

What has been Dolores's  relationship to feminism

What role did 'community organizing' play in this struggle?

What role did 'non-violence' play in this movement and struggle?

How did this struggle and movement contribute to the ideas and growth of environmental justice campaigning?

What was the origin and development of Chicana/Chicano identity?   

What is meant by 'intersectionality' and how is it relevant to understanding this movement and Dolores's campaigning?