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The Dauk Film Committee recently showed Robert Reich's film Inequality for All.  In conjuction with that screening the Economics PAN has provided some recommended reading, links to articles, speeches and other types of material on this critical topic.  Go here to see the current material.  Write to us at with your suggestions.

Purposes of the Economic Issues PAN

Given that the global economy is experiencing one of its most severe contractions since the 1930s, it is important that DAUK provide its members with a forum to learn more about the causes of the financial crisis and the various remedies proposed by policymakers.

One of the major purposes of this PAN is to keep members apprised of key policy initiatives in at least four issue-areas (economics, finance, regulation and taxation) that will be critical to the recovery of the US economy as well as the broader global economy. Some particular policy issues that we would like to address are listed here.


Thus far, we have produced material for this website and invite DAUK members to produce more!  With the DAUK film committee, we have organized  the discussions after the screenings of Inside JobInside the Meltdown, Enron., The Flaw and Inequality for All. We also organized a discussion and theatre visit to see Enron in London.  We have other ideas for activities and we would welcome additional suggestions. 

Join us by contacting You can help shape the direction and activities of this Policy Action Network.


Archived material:

On the sequestor

Watch  archives of key speeches on the economy.

The financial crisis and financial reform: resources

 Financial Reform and Stimulus: Legislation and Regulation

 Recommended Reading

In 2009 Dr Deirdre Shay Kamlani produced The Background to the Economic Crisis and Key Policy Debates.   This provides relevant  essential background and offers an incisive analysis; it also includes many important information resources that remain relevant to current debates.  


 The financial crisis and financial reform:  key moments

Read the report of the US Financial Crisis Inquiry CommissionFor more details on specific topics, the  forums hearings and testimony go here to use a searchable version.

Financial Reform Legislation: The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law on July 21 2010 by President Obama. This  Wikipedia article provides a good summary of  its genesis, development and major provisions.

Other Economic Issues

While our focus remains on the continuing financial crises and strategies for economic recovery, we intend to develop resource material on some other topics, such as taxation, income and wealth Inequalities, employment, unemployment and job creation,  or international competitiveness