Capturing the Flag


The UK Premiere of Capturing the Flag: combating voter suppression in North Carolina

June 14, 2019

This Film Night is organized by the Film Committee in collaboration with the DAUK Voter Registration Committee, Voting Rights and Democracy Group of the Policy Network and Resolutions Committee, and the DAUK Black Caucus

Join us to view and discuss this fly-on-the wall documentary which follows three friends as they travel from New York to North Carolina to help voters in November 2016. It was to be the first presidential election since the Supreme Court dismantled the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which had required certain states to submit changes to voting laws to the Department of Justice for approval. Now, those protections are gone. In addition, the Republican takeover of the state’s General Assembly in 2010 led to extreme partisan gerrymandering, designed to concentrate and dilute the African American vote. And in 2012, the new Republican governor in ushered in strict voter ID laws that, in the words of another court, targeted African Americans with ‘almost surgical precision.’
From being a leading state in expanding voting rights for a decade before the 2010 shift in power, North Carolina has, by 2016, become a poster child for voter suppression.
The volunteers come prepared for an intense ground game that is local politics in voting precincts all across the country. They carefully study North Carolina election law. They arrive before dawn when the polls open, ready to help voters who are grappling with new laws, changing districts, voter purges and conflicting information. And they find that it is no easy task.
We all know the outcome—the state that voted for Barack Obama in 2008 went for Donald Trump in 2016. Capturing the Flag offers deeply personal, sometimes surprising perspectives on the 2016 election and its aftermath. We follow the volunteers through the harrowing returns and their journey home. They search for new alliances and pathways to battle voter suppression and find inspiration in the growing movement of nonpartisan, pro-democracy organizations.
The discussion afterward will feature a panel of DAUK members who are deeply engaged in promoting and expanding voting rights. Steeped in the research on the policies, laws, tactics and data about voter suppression, they will also update us on what Democrats and others are doing to combat suppression, protect voting rights and ensure that every vote is counted - both at home and abroad.


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