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DAUK Film Screening on June 23rd, 2015

Case Against 8 





About the film:


This compelling documentary tracks the five year legal battle to overturn California’s ban on same sex marriage.

It is absorbing and illuminating viewing for all those interested in LGBT, civil rights and constitutional issues, as well as in how our judicial system works.

David Rooney in The Hollywood Reporter, January 25, 2014, points out that this was:

“one of the most widely discussed and divisive cases in recent history, and its reverberations continue” and that:

“Co-directors Ben Cotner and Ryan White distil the dense legal process into a lucid narrative while illuminating the human drama of the plaintiffs, and by extension, the countless gay men and lesbians they represent. That makes for a stirring civil rights film that is both cogent and emotionally charged.”

While we await the latest Supreme Court ruling, this film provides an absorbing insight into the process of constructing an effective legal strategy and arguments, from the selection of plaintiffs through arguments at the Supreme Court:

“…the rollercoaster legal odyssey provides an uplifting demonstration of functioning bi-partisanship, something exceedingly rare in American politics. The leading conservative lawyer Ted Olsen shocked right-wing pundits by agreeing to represent the California plaintiffs. Even more startling was Olson’s decision to reach across the aisle and bring on board his liberal counterpart, David Boies, as co-counsel. That the two men had been on opposite sides of the Bush v. Gore case in 2000 would team up to champion the rights of gay men and lesbians still seems almost surreal.”

More generally:

“Some of the twists in the trial are so vividly discussed that we have the illusion of being there, yielding fascinating insights into the justice system and the constitutional rights of all Americans.” And overall: “…the film strives to be as even-handed as possible. Cameras linger just long enough to register anti-gay protesters; anonymous phone calls spewing hate rhetoric are heard. But the directors are careful not to milk the ugliness surrounding the case for melodrama. A decision appears to have been made to keep this very much a positive story of unwavering commitment and ultimate victory.”

About the evening:

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However, in compliance with US campaign and party funding laws, we can only accept payments from US citizens and green card holders. Non-US citizens are very welcome to attend, but only as guests of US citizens who must book and pay for—as a gift—their guests' admission.

About the film: 


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Resources for further information

About the campaign for same-sex marriage

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About the legal team

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