DAUK Film Screenings: Season 2012-2018


Engagement, Education and Collaboration 



RBG Film Night April 12 2019 





April 2018:  An Exclusive  Conversation with Lynn Novick, co-producer of the PBS series The Vietnam War.  





March 16  2018: A screening and discussion of  Dolores.   

 In collaboration with the DAUK Women's Caucus and the Identities Group of the Policy Network and Resolutions Committee.

Who is Dolores Huerta?  What did she achieve? 

December 2017:  Screening of Leonardo Di Caprio's Before the Flood, with the after-screening discussion led by Wen-Wen Lindroth, Co-Chair of  the DAUK Policy Network and Chair of its Economics group.

For more information about the film and the issues it addresses, go here


Season 2016 - 2017

May 2017: The Brainwashing of My Dad

After screening discussion, chaired by Susan Schoenfeld Harrington, DAUK Executive Committee member,  with panelists  Professior Charlie Beckett, Director of Polis, at the London School of Economics and Karin Robinson, social media strategist and DAUK Executive Committee member



Our March Film Night was a screening of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy with its director Greg Palast as our after-screening speaker. Go here for more information



Our Film Night in December was a screening of Trapped. Go here for information about that screening.  



We  screened the UK premier of  The Choice 2016 on October 7.  Go here for more details.


Season 2015- 2016

Film Night on June 24th was a screening of the PBS documentary Two American Famiiles, followed by an after-screening discussion led by Professor Peter Kingstone and Dr Antoine Rogers. For more details, go here.


Our March screening was  a preview of the  final episode The Arc of History - of Inside Obama's White House, the BBC Two  four part series produced by the Brook-Lapping team of highly acclaimed, award-winning documentary filmmakers:  Norma Percy, Paul Mitchell and Mick Gold. Details are here




On June 24  we screened Two American Families (2013) - a  PBS Frontline production in which Bill Moyers documents the lives of two Milwaukee working class families from 1992 to 2012 as they confront the impact of de-industrialization and globalization on the local economy.   While their stories are the focus, Moyers  locates their situation in the  local and national economic context. 

On November 20 we  screened Citizenfour with a post-screening panel head-lined  by Ewen MacAskill, the Guardian Intelligence and Security correspondent who played a pivotal role in the publication of Edward Snowden's disclosures of  the NSA surveillance activities and Robert Carolina, . Details here




2014 - 2015

We screened  the Case Against 8 on June 23rd 2015. Details are here.



1964  (PBS)  was screened on April 10 2015, Details here


Citizen Koch (2013) Produced and directed by Tina Lessin and Carl Deal.was screened  on October 16th - for details of the screening go here  Visit the film website here




Film Screenings: 2013 -2014

We kicked off our 2013 -2014 screening with PBS America's JFK on November 15.  Details here


Inequality for All (2013). Directed by Jacob Kornbluth, in collaboration with and featuring Robert Reich.  Visit their  website hereWe screened  this on June 20th. For more details, go here.




Gasland Part II  (2013). Directed and produced by Josh Fox. Website   We screened this film on April 11 - for details, go here.




Season 2012 -2013 

In May we screened The House I Live In and held a Skype Q and A with the Director Eugene Jarecki



In March we screened We're Not Broke followed by a discussion led by John Christensen, Director of the Tax Justice Network and DAUK member Carol Moore


In September we screened  two films by Bill Moyers: Dark Money and Surppressing the Vote

Dark Money 


Suppressing the Vote


A selection of previous  screenings

The Flaw with a Q and A session with director David Sington. 



Inside Job with a panel drawn from DAUK members






Films under consideration for screening:

Two American Families (2013)  Bill Moyers. PBS Frontline 



Disclaimer: The screening of these films does not constitute an endorsement or promotion of the film, nor of any views expressed therein or any association with The Film Committee, DAUK, Democrats Abroad or the Democratic Party. Screenings are solely conceived as educational activities: offering an opportunity for members to discuss issues.

Links to other organizations or publications imply neither endorsement of their policies nor any association with the Democratic Party or Democrats Abroad - UK.