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Podcast links are mainly from the London School of Economics:  descriptions are excerpts from the LSE website

Professor Thomas Shapiro, Zamila Bunglawal. January 18, 2018   Toxic Inequality in the United States:  economic injustice and racial inequality driving ugly politics.

"...Thomas Shapiro examines a powerful and unprecedented convergencce in the United States:  historic and rising levels of wealth and income inequality in an era of stalled mobility, intersecting with a widening racial wealth gap, all against the backdrop of changing racial and ehtnic demographics." 



Professor Joseph Nye    May 8 2013    on Global Power in a Shifting International Order: The West and the Rest 

"Wealth and power are shifting from the West to the rising economies of the East. But in a world of complex interdependence, who wields power, to what end, and with what consequences is far from clear. 

Joseph Nye is distinguished service professor and former dean of the Harvard Kennedy School.  "

Professor Theda Skocpol   May 2 2013  on Obama, the Tea Party, and the future of American Politics  "  Link .

"What happened to Obama's "new New Deal"? Why did his achievements enrage opponents more than they satisfied supporters? How has the Tea Party's ascendance reshaped American politics?

Theda Skocpol is the Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology at Harvard University."

 ""Nate Silver    April 29 2013 The Signal and the Noise: the art and science of prediction 

"In this age of information-overload, Silver argues it is more difficult than ever to distinguish a true "signal" from the noisy universe of data. Silver shows that by embracing uncertainty, and being alert to the role that motivations and biases can play in warping predictions, we will be less likely to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Nate Silver is a statistician and political forecaster at The New York Times. In 2012, he correctly predicted the outcome of 50 out of 50 states during the US presidential election, trumping the professional pollsters and pundits ."


Nancy Pelosi April 19 2013    In conversation with Nancy Pelosi  

"Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives. From 2007 to 2011, she served as the first woman Speaker of the House and is also the first woman in American history to lead a major political party in Congress. Leader Pelosi has led House Democrats for a decade and has represented San Francisco in Congress for 25 years."


Video presentations at Intelligence2

by Jeffrey Sachs on John F. Kennedy and his Quest For Peace

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