About the Policy Network groups

In our Environment and Energy Security Policy Action Network (PAN) you can find useful links and information resources on federal and state legislation and initiatives, Democratic Party offices and committees in the House and Senate, on major US campaigning organizations as well as extensive material on issues such as climate change, renewable and alternative energy, or the peak oil debate.  Check out our Monthly Updates from our Washington Correspondent.  The DAUK Film Committtee recently screened Gasland Part II.  We are builiding an informaation page devoted to the issue of fracking.  Go here to see what we have collected so far and write to pancoordiantor@daukpan.org.uk to suggest links  to articles, videos and other information sources.

In the PAN devoted to Economic Issues,  you will find extensive discussion of the economic crisis and the economic stimulus plan, as well as useful links to financial reform legislation.

In the run up to Healthcare Reform, our Healthcare Group developed extensive information resources.  We have archived most  of  that material,  but we are  providing updates on the current details, operation and debates in the Healthcare Section

Additionally, in our Facebook groups Democrats Abroad UK (DAUK) members can  discuss a wide range of issues and develop policy proposals and actions. DAUK activists can use the information resources to check on the evidence on the issues, identify key legislation and legislators and link up with others in the Forum, feeding back experience and identifying issues that need addressing more fully. Contact pancoordinator@daukpan.org.uk for more details about our Facebook groups.

We are also developing PANs in other areas. Contact us if you want to get involved in shaping the direction of their work.

 The Concept

This website supports the DAUK strategy of encouraging discussion of policy amongst its members through the development of Policy Action Networks within DAUK. This website is only one aspect of PAN actvities,  so  look at these suggestions for other directions and formats for PANs.

 The role of DAUK
 Everyone is welcome to use and enjoy the information resources, but membership of the Policy Action Networks is only open to DAUK members.  DAUK members can set up a PAN subject to the approval of the DAUK Executive who oversee and approve its organization and governance.
If you are interested in linking up with others to set up a PAN, please contact the PAN Coordinator in the first instance and use the Forum to discuss your ideas with others.