PANs: Organization and Governance

Setting up a Policy Action Network requires the approval of the DAUK Executive Committtee, who will also exercise oversight of its activities, including approval of the core team and activities and events. 

Currently, the core team managing a PAN must include two specialists in the policy area and a non-specialist who can offer the ‘user perspective'. They are responsible for the management of the PAN and for keeping the Executive Council informed of proposed activities through the PAN coordinator, who coordinates the PAN's strategic development, range of activites and liaises with the Executive Committe on proposals. In the first instance, those interested in setting up a PAN should write to the

Only DAUK members can be members of a PAN. 

This website and PANs in general are intended to promote debate amongst the DAUK membership. A very wide range of views are held within that membership, and a wide range of views, that are compatible with the principles of the Democratic Party, will be reflected on the website. However, this is a very public ‘face’ for DAUK and we wish to ensure that the reputation of the Democratic Party is enhanced rather than compromised in any way. 


Articles and links will be assessed for their quality and reliability; only those which are deemed suitable by the PAN moderators will be published.

Links to events and organizations will also be subject to a test of ‘good reputation’ and compatibility with Democratic Party principles.


The Role of Democrats Abroad in Democratic Party Policy In March 2007 Michael Ceurvorst, then the International Chair of Democrats Abroad, discussed the role of Democrats Abroad in the formulation of Democratic Party policy. This article provides an incisive and yet detailed outline of the issues involved. To see the resolutions developed by Democrats Abroad for the 2008 Platform, click here.

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