Upcoming Policy Network meetings and projects

Email policynetwork@democratsabroad.org.uk to find out more and join the Groups and their projects:
The Identities group is collaborating with the Film Committee and Women's Caucus on the Dolores Film Night.
The Economics group:
  • attended a lecture on Tuesday, Feb 20 entitled "Beveridge Rebooted: a basic income for every citizen?" which featured several high profile participants in the basic income debate including an economist, a political scientist, an activist and a Guardian journalist. While the U.S. is still very far from introducing basic income, there are growing calls (eg from Silicon Valley) to explore the concept. 
  • will hold  its next meeting  on  Monday, March 5th: a teach-in on Piketty (Capital in the 21st Century) and readthrough for income and wealth inequality in the US