Redistricting and Gerrymandering




Redistricting and Gerrymandering


The Brennan Center  has an excellent regularly updated series on redistricting

An initiative led by President Obama and chaired by former Attorney General Eric Holder.  "The most important turning point for the future of the Democratic Party will take place in 2021:  when states redraw their Congressional and state legislative lines...the NDRC is building a targeted, state-by-state strategy that ensures that Democrats can fight back and produce fairer maps in the 2012 redistricting process.

The Republican State Leadership Committee  set up REDMAP The Red State Majority Project in 2010

as a "program dedicated to  winnng state legislative seats that will have a critical impact on congressional redistricting  in 2011. ..Republicans have an opportunity to create 20 -25 new Republican Congressional Districts through the redistricting process over the next five election cycles, solidifying a Republican House majority".   

 While this website has not been updated since January 2012, it is very instructive to read the 2010 and 2012 reports and their strategies for specific states. 

Bonsall, Evan and Agbafe, Victor.  "Redrawing America: Why Gerrymandering Matters".  Harvard Political Review. May 24, 2016 

 Blogs and commentary:

All about redistricting:  Professor Justin Levitt's guide to drawing the electoral lines. A good general source that is regularly updated. 


FAQs on gerrymandering:  Most links are to material provided in All about redistricting

What is redistricting? 

What is gerrymandering? 

How extensive is gerrymandering in the US?

What is the impact of the way districts are drawn up? 

Who controls redistricting?

When is the next redistricting due? 

What can we do? 



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