Voting patterns and campaign issues: suggested topics and sources

Analyse voting patterns and campaigns in the last election



 Until we get a team running this PAN, we will  just provide some materials and space to debate the following three issues: (but need your suggestions for input)

1. Analyses of the voting results:

    What were the turnout and voting patterns?

     How can we understand any changes?

     Was this a realigning election?

We provide some sources of data and analysis here.

 2.  Analyses of the campaigns

      What can we learn from the campaign strategies and tactics deployed in this election cycle?    

3.  Voting and electoral reform issues

       What were the voting problems in this cycle?  How and how effectively were they addressed?

        What long-term issues still require debate - eg redistricting ?

Discuss voting  legislation and issues 

We also provide some basic sources on the following issues and topics: key legislation, voter suppression, electronic voting machine problems, use and misuse of provisional ballots and undervoting.

Go to the forum to discuss proposals.