Voting and Electoral Issues: Voting from abroad

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How to vote from abroad

Go to

This is an outstanding online resource that enables you to fill in the forms to register to vote and request your ballot. It adapts to the specific requirements of your voting state and provides a painless and quick route through what can seem to be a complicated process. You only have to remember to download. print the forms, sign them and fax or mail them off (it will even tell you what your state requires). Spread the word!

Go to the Democrats Abroad Voting Action Center for updates and more detailed information, including the tax implications of your vote,how to check your registration and much more.  Check out these myths about voting from abroad and find the answers to FAQs about voting from abroad    

Go to DAUK's Voter Registration page on Facebook to follow what is happening in the UK.    

Help register US citizens in the UK to vote

Contact to sign up to help the campaign by  phone-banking, canvassing and registering US voters living  in the UK.

Encourage friends and family back home to register to vote. contains all the information needed for people at home in the USA to register to vote e....

Find out about voter suppression in your state and support those challenging disenfranchisement.