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Welcome to the Voting Rights and Democracy Group  

The PNR Voting Rights and Democracy group works for an inclusive democracy and believes that all of life gets better when everyone votes and our votes are counted. The freedom to vote must be protected, money in politics must be reduced, the democratic process must reflect our diverse electorate and we need free and fair elections.

Goals and aims:

We endeavour to keep ourselves informed of key issues affecting the health of our democracy and work to share information with our colleagues and fellow members through through a variety of engagements: speaker events, webinars, film screenings, study groups. We have a strong focus on channeling knowledge into activism to make the changes that we want to see in our US politics: GOTV, phone banking, postcard writing, calling our MoC’s, writing and preparing Resolutions to be adopted into the DA and Democratic Party platforms.

If any of this speaks to you please do reach out- we always welcome new members! To join us in our activities, for more information, or to join our mailing list contact us at: and include ‘voting rights’ in the subject.The PNR Voting Rights group is concerned about all issues related to preserving and uplifting our US democracy. 
The PNR Voting Rights group is interested in undertaking research, outreach and activism to advocate and promote awareness amongst our DAUK community in the following areas:
Voter suppression        Voter re-e franchisement             Gerrymandering           Voter engagement and participation  
Electoral reform             Safeguarding our election systems           Campaign finance reform   Getting money out of politics





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What can you do? 

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The 2012 CAMPAIGN:  archived material is here including material on voter suppression