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Welcome to the Voting Rights Policy Network 

The PNR Voting Rights group is concerned about all issues related to preserving and uplifting our US democracy. 
Voting is the most direct way of making our voices heard and influencing change in the policies that affect our lives. When we vote we vote not only for ourselves but for those who cannot vote for themselves: returning citizens, the disenfranchised, undocumented immigrants, for children and the environment. Voting is about protecting our human rights and the ability to live with dignity. We vote for ourselves today, for our children tomorrow and to protect the generations to come.
The PNR Voting Rights group is interested in undertaking research, outreach and activism to advocate and promote awareness amongst our DAUK community in the following areas:
Voter suppression        Voter re-e franchisement             Gerrymandering           Voter engagement and participation  
Electoral reform             Safeguarding our election systems           Campaign finance reform   Getting money out of politics





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The 2012 CAMPAIGN:  archived material is here including material on voter suppression 



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