Information and Resources for Voting from Abroad

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Information and Resources for Voting from Abroad

VOTE and Help Register Voters in the UK 

Now you must register to vote and request your ballot EVERY year!

Register to vote and request your ballot  at

The Military and Overseas Empowerment Act says that your state must send you an election ballot this year ONLY if you send in a Federal Post Card Application which registers you and requests your absentee ballot.  VotefromAbroad  is recommended by Democrats Abroad as the easy, efficient way for Overseas Americans to register to vote. 

Join the  DAUK Get out the Vote team


Learn how to register voters here in the UK and then support the drives - at universities, businesses and elsewhere to register Americans to vote. 

Join the Democrats Abroad Phonebanking team

You can phone DA members from your home computer. Phonebank now:  DA members to help them vote in the New Jersey and Virginia state elections and the Florida State Senate Special Election.