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Action Alert on Healthcare Legislation

The key challenge facing us is the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the Republicans' ever-changing (always for the worse)  replacement proposals and legislation. The latest (amended) published Senate bill   will have devastating consequences for  many millions of Americans: see this updated side-by-side comparison of the Affordable Care Act provision and the current Republican proposals. 

It is critical to phone not only your Senators, but also your Governor.  

Find out where your Senator stands  by checking this updated count.  Find out about your Governor's views are and see their recent discussions.  

Go to our Healthcare page for more information.  Check out the Action Team UK  on Facebook. 



This group and website are now  inactive but we may review, revise and revitalize the idea of policy action networks. You can find out more about the original concept and the rules and governance established when the PAN was first set up.  

If you are a member of DAUK and are interested in reviving networking on policy areas, do email pancoordinator@gmail.com

We will still  provide links to the DAUK Film Screenings

We may also post interesting videos or links  relevant to important policy areas.  We are leaving the information pages and links on economics, environment and energy security, and healthcare.  They are now dated, but still offer some useful and still relevant information.    

Some current activism: 

Check the Democrats Abroad Call Storm section  for updates on actions you can take on the confirmation hearings and more.

Check the DAUK Women's Caucus Take Action page for updates on what you can do. 










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