DAUK Manchester: Pot Luck Picnic

On Independence Day, we will be getting together for a potluck picnic in Heaton Park on Friday the 4th of July from 6 pm onward.

Food and drink will be potluck - please bring something to drink and something to share.

Location: Heaton Park is on the north side of Manchester, just inside the M60, with its own MetroLink tram direct from the city center. We will be near the Southern Play area, which is fairly close to the MetroLink Station. There are also a number of bus routes and parking lots. You can check the park's excellent website - www.heatonpark.org.uk - for full directions and a helpful interactive map.

In case of rain or very cool weather (or both - this is Manchester), our fallback will be the Kro Bar at 325 Oxford Rd. at the university campus.

For further information:

Contact: north@democratsabroad.org.uk or manchester@democratsabroad.org.uk