Health Care Reform: Archived Proposals on the Table

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  Healthcare     Archived Proposals on the Table


The Obama Administration

The essential  site for information on the President's proposals is the Health Reform site.

There you will  find an outline of the principles underpinning his reform agenda.

You will also find an extensive list of reports on and analyses of the problems these reforms are intended to address.

In addition the Obama Administration has created a  site to provide a 'reality check'  on the myths and misinformation circulating about these proposals.  It includes a particularly useful  FAQ section.

The key elements of President Obama's healthcare reform agenda are in his  address to  a joint session of Congress on Health Care Reform on Wednesday September 9th 2009. Watch  the full version of this address or read the full  transcript.

 Watch the  four minute summary. of the Obama Plan


House of Representatives

Latest news

November 7  The House of Representatives passed the House Bill H.R. 3962 - Affordable Health Care for America Act by a  vote of 220-215, but Stupak's amendment restricting women's choice and access to abortion within the public option or with private, subsidized plans was also passed.  

Only one Republican voted for the Bill and 39 Democrats listed here voted against the Bill.  

 For regular updates on action in the House of Representatives on healthcare, go to the website of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, from which you can link to news articles and statements on Health Care Reform. For background on the key Committees and other proposals in the House go here.



 Latest news



The two key committees in the Senate for this legislation are Health, Education, Labour and Pensions and the Finance Committee, which oversees Medicare and Medicaid.

 Within the Democratic Party

There is a range of positions within the Democratic Party and we will provide links that fully  reflect that range.

Go to the Democratic Party site for information on the  healthcare agenda.

Send us your suggestions.  To kick off this list, we start with the following:

Those supporting and campaigning for the inclusion of a public option:

Compare the Bills



See the Commonwealth Fund report on The Comprehensive Health Reform Bills of which looks at the key provisions of the House and Senate Bills.


The Kaiser Family Foundation offers a Side by Side Comparison of the Major Healthcare Reform Proposals.





 Produced  by E Capizzi with thanks to Bill Barnard Barbie Young for researching and recommending links 

February  2 2010


December 24:  The Senate passed the bill H.R. 3590 -  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  by a vote of 60 to 39. It excludes the 'public option' and a national insurance exchange. 

Go here for documents, videos and discussion of the Senate bill.