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My view on health care reform by Sharon Rose

I have lived abroad for most of my life in Germany and Great Britain as an entertainer. I was never concerned about medical costs because public health care was always available to me. 

I came back to the USA to help my father through his health concerns a few years ago. My mother was deceased. We had non- stop appointments at the hospital. Reading the costs for service on his statements, I was thankful that my father had Medicare. 

He was also a Veteran, and Civil Servant with a government health plan. Without this, we could not have afforded those costs.

I am now overseeing my two brothers health affairs. I'm spending a considerable amount of time here in the states. I thought about myself, what’s going to happen to me should my heath falter. I looked into health plans; unreal! Let’s be clear. Is it is cheaper for me to fly back to the UK where I know I will be looked after but who can say I will have the good health to make the flight?

I’m reminded of an American couple touring the UK when the wife developed a kidney stone. She was immediately taken to hospital in the middle of the night, offered free assistance and at the end of the day she was fit to continue with her holiday. She was only charged for her medication, which was at the standard rate we all pay.

Great Britain's health reform has been established for 60 years . I pay national insurance contributions. I pay for my medications except for some that I may be exempt from paying based on individual circumstances. I have access to many doctors at my local surgery and because my records are computerized, any one of those doctor’s can pull up my record to know my health history. I can request anyone of them that I prefer. If I need services from the hospital or specialists, I am referred. Money never exchanges hands.

Some people also purchase affordable private health insurance to work alongside the public plan. The reason being that if they feel they have an immediate life threatening issue, access to private specialists are available to avoid any delay.

Comprehensive health care is a major concern to me that’s why I was drawn to join others as they rally for health care reform. I am a dual citizen of the USA and the UK who supported our President Barack Obama on both sides of the Atlantic as a member of the Democrats Abroad and as a grass root supporter here in the USA.

Sharon Rose


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