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There are proposals to develop a PAN, but in the interim, we have provided the following links and an opportunity to discuss proposals in the Civil Liberties Forum

For an outstanding analysis of the issues involved and the damage that the Bush administration has done,  listen to Al Gore's speech Restoring the Rule of Law here delivered on January 16, 2006 at Constitution Hall at a meeting organised by the American Constitution Society and The Liberty Coalition.

We will provide some updates on the actions taken by President Obama on these issues in his first One Hundred Days.

Patriot Act

Read the full text of the US Patriot Act H.R.3162. Follow current debates and critiques of the Patriot Act. In the Community Blog section of the Democratic Party website, you will find a wide range of views expressed.

Amongst the best known NGOs working in this field are the American Civil Liberties Union which provides discussions and news and Amnesty International - USA which has a campaign to amend the Act.


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