Suggested Activities for the Economics Issues PAN

This policy action network wishes to  encourage members to debate topical issues and provide a forum for constructive ideas to be elevated to the appropriate policymaking bodies via Democrats Abroad. 
To discuss and debate these issues and ideas go to the Economics Forum.
Tthe E-PAN would like to  organize events for its members to include:
  •  Relevant film screenings, in partnership with the DAUK Film Committee;
  • Expert panel presentations where financial professionals, regulators, government officials, academics and financial journalists will be invited to debate newsworthy issues and policy proposals;
  • An E-PAN book club that will meet regularly to discuss newly published works relating to the economy, regulation, the banking system and/or the financial crisis. Where possible, it will include authors or other experts. A list of recommended books can be found in the Recommended Reading section;
  • Alerts via e-mail about public lectures and parliamentary debates will be sent to members on a regular basis.

We need more members to realize  these ambitions.  Join us at