Non-DAUK event, London: Anxiety, Fear, and National Identity: anti-immigration politics and the rise of Latino power in the US

From the LSE website 

"By midcentury over one in four U.S. residents will be Hispanic, and the overwhelming majority of these will be of Mexican descent. Since 1960, the nation’s Hispanic population increased nearly ninefold, from 6.3 million (4%) to 55.3 million (17%) in 2014. At the same time the population of whites is declining and will comprise less than 50% of the population by midcentury. This dramatic demographic shift is reshaping politics, culture, and fundamental ideas about American identity."

Speaker:  Neil Foley is the Robert and Nancy Dedman Endowed Chair in History at Southern Methodist University. 

Chair:  Peter Trubowitz (@ptrubowitz) is Professor of International Relations and Director of the US Centre at LSE.  Speaker: 


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Wolfson Theatre, London School of Economics. Lincolns Inn Fields