Inclusive Democracy ? (name TBD)


Discarded name: " Minoriity Rights"

When I orginally wrote this  DAUK was preparing for a  'Candle light vigil for Charlottesville' in Parliament Square.  The  2016 election has activated a lot of identities; some with tragic consequences. American citizens, who identify as Democrats and live in the United Kingdom ,is a subset of a subset. We aspire for this group to be welcoming to work on Policy issues that might  be too specific to originate with other places/spaces. However we hope it to be a vehicle where we may shed light & collaborate on issues that will often  intersect with other PAN groups:  State level issues being prominent.

Robert Plant & myself  are the co-leads on this group, and felt that the name ‘Minority rights’ seemed to suggest, unnecessarily ,exclusivity. Perhaps based on a ethnic minority.  With DAUK being an incomplete microcosm of the US population as a whole- of course we need  “allies”. 

“Most of us are simultaneously in some privileged and some targeted positions--you might be a cis woman of color, or a white man with a physical disability… what we don’t want is for  [DAUK /PAN] to be get divided into dominant-group allies and subordinate-group people-who-need-help. This framework reduces complicated relationships and social positions to a simplistic and inaccurate static binary” 1

Possible  projects ;- Input & participation requested

  • Duplin County North Carolina- where Industrial Pig farms spray liquid fecal matter in rural poor neighborhoods that are predominately Black/Hispanic
  • Police Accountability in Minneapolis-  an unarmed [Blond] Australian woman  was shot to death by police after making a 911 call
  • Military service and the transgender community
  • Environmental issues- affecting the urban poor- Flint water crisis

You may see a theme in these issues- but, also the bigger picture where we would hopefully join up with larger groups that work on environmental/health/education issues and the State focused teams

Tentative  names for our group: Inclusive democracy ,Affinity Activism

Kind regards;

Marketa Young