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From Obamacare to winning on Healthcare Reform in 2020

 November 25, 2019



Healthcare is the top issue for voters: healthcare reform. In the most recent Democrat Primary debates, candidates focused on their plans for achieving universal healthcare. Now is the perfect moment to find out more and to consider how we can make healthcare reform key to winning in 2020!

We will kick off the discussion with a specially-arranged screening of Inside Obama’s White House: Obamacare – episode 2 of this highly acclaimed Brook Lapping series. We are exceptionally fortunate that the multi-award-winning filmmakers Sarah Wallis, director and producer of this episode, and Paul Mitchell, the executive producer of the series, will join the after-screening panel discussion.

Armed with the analyses and information this evening provides, you can go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas well-prepared to have conversations about an issue that impacts all of us. 

Obamacare: how it passed, the debates and electoral price

It is too easy – and dangerous - to forget that achieving passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 was tumultuous and ground-breaking, and that Republicans have relentlessly striven to dismantle any steps to achieving universal healthcare.  

The Obamacare documentary gives unprecedented insight into the tough negotiations and behind-the-scenes strategies and decisions that enabled the Affordable Care Act to pass with the slimmest of margins.  Watch the exclusive interviews with important stake-holders such as Sister Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association, and gain insight into why President Obama and Nancy Pelosi persisted in the face of stiff opposition. From the filmmakers, find out more about what their research uncovered.

The route to universal healthcare:  what Obamacare achieved, what progress has been made towards providing affordable universal healthcare

Our panel will provide an up-to-date assessment of how Obamacare has worked, what obstacles it has faced, and the current situation in terms of access to and affordability of good quality healthcare.

Healthcare reform in the 2020 election: how the debate and voters’ attitudes have changed, the different Democratic plans on the table and a winning policy for 2020

In the 2010 midterms, with the surging Tea Party movement, many Democratic candidates feared their support for Obamacare was toxic electorally, while Republicans faced voter outrage in Town Halls throughout 2017 and in the 2018 midterms lost votes for their positions on healthcare reform.

What has changed?  What would the specific proposals under debate entail and achieve? How can we ensure that Democratic healthcare proposals are key to winning?

Panel Discussion

The Filmmakers


Paul Mitchell, Sarah Wallis interviewed by Bill Barnard 


Sarah Wallis, a multi-lingual documentary and current affairs producer/director with two and a half decades’ experience, including eight in the BBC documentaries department is the director/producer of this episode of Obamacare in the acclaimed 2016 BBC series Inside Obama's White House. This is the episode the BBC chose to submit for awards.  She has made history, arts, and current affairs films, but what is common among them is her love of stories. Sarah is also an award-winning author of two acclaimed books (with Svetlana Palmer) on the World Wars, A War in Words and We Were Young and at War, both of which combined her experience as a documentary-maker with that of a writer. Sarah is a dual US-UK national.


Paul Mitchell was the Executive Producer of the Inside Obama’s White House BBC series. Born in Boston Massachusetts, Paul Mitchell has lived in the UK for 25 years producing award-winning films for the BBC, UK Channel 4, PBS, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and France Télévision. He has been responsible with Norma Percy and the company’s founder, Brian Lapping, for many of Brook Lapping’s award winning histories including The Death of Yugoslavia (BBC/Discovery, 1995) which won 16 awards, including a BAFTA, and is listed as one of the British Film Institute’s top 100 greatest British television programs of any genre ever to have been screened. Others are The Second Russian Revolution, Watergate, Iran & the West, Putin Russia & the West and The Iraq War.  His most recent project Russia’s Open Book: Writing under Putin, on modern Russian fiction, broadcast on PBS last year.

He has also made programs as diverse as the award-winning A Marriage of Power on the Clinton presidency, The Alternative Rock & Roll Years about rock and roll in the USSR, and he was one of very few Western journalists to cover the frontline in the Chechen war with a PBS Wide Angle: Greetings from Grozny (winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award, the FIPA Prix de Jury de 15 ans, The Rory Peck Freelance Award). How Putin Came to Power was short-listed for an international EMMY in 2003.


Panelists from the Healthcare Reform Group, Policy Network and Resolutions Committee


Carol Moore discusses the range of options offered by Democratic Party Candidates for achieving universal healthcare as  Deborah Rozansky and Rod Dubitsky view the presentation. 

Rod Dubitsky has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services and global development sectors.  The bulk of his career had been spent in financial services developing a range of market leading, award- winning research and analytical platforms. Rod also spent 10 years working with BRAC, the Bangladeshi NGO. While working with BRAC, Rod spent some time working on proposals in global health and had responsibility for Liberia and Sierra Leone during the time of Ebola.    
Rod has always had a keen interest in understanding and improving global health systems.  

Working with DAUK Rod has presented on topics including global inequality and improving US health insurance system.  


Carol Moore, who will chair the discussionis a Democratic activist, passionate about women’s rights and affordable healthcare for all Americans. Carol is Co-chair DAUK Policy Network and Resolutions (PNR) group on Healthcare Reform. 

 of the She is a former Chair of DAUK, a founding Co-chair of the Democrats Abroad UK Women’s Caucus and a Precinct Leader in the Palm Beach County Democratic Party in Florida. Carol has been a member of DAUK for over 30 years, and in 2018 was Co-chair of the DAUK Florida States initiative which focused on a phone-banking campaign that contributed to delivering a record number of overseas Democratic votes in the Florida election.

Carol is a native of Long Island, New York, a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, received a JD from Fordham Law School and an MBA from NYU. After a banking career in the City, Carol moved into education finance before retiring to volunteer with Democrats here in London and in the States.



Deborah Rozansky is a health policy expert who has worked on healthcare reforms in both the US and UK. With over 30 years in the sector, her career has focused on designing policies and programs to improve access to affordable, high quality healthcare.  

Since living in the UK, Deborah has held numerous leadership positions with non-profit consultancies, research organizations and patient charities. Early career roles included working for the US Congress, Medicare and Medicaid programs, and the Ohio Department of Health.  Deborah currently co-chairs the DAUK PNR group on Healthcare Reform. 


Additional contributors:


David Wenke is Vice Chair of DAUK and a member of the Democrats Abroad Progressive Caucus who have been campaigning for Medicare for All.


Elizabeth A. Crocker, RN, MSc, who will not be able to join us but has provided vital research on these topics,  is a US Registered Nurse, and a successful US and UK healthcare business founder and executive, who works with private healthcare services, large corporate employers, health insurance and managed care companies, government entities, and the NHS. She maintains 4 nursing licenses in New York, Illinois, Texas and California. She has bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and Human Physiology from SUNY Stony Brook University, and master’s degrees in Healthcare and Business Administration from CW Post Long Island University. In addition to her extensive working experience with the US and UK health systems, Elizabeth worked with healthcare clients in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, and the Netherlands. Elizabeth is an accomplished healthcare reform strategist, policy writer and speaker to the United States Senate and House of Representatives, including working on the Clinton Healthcare Reform initiative from 1992-1994. 

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