Economic Issues

Economic issues: Archives on the sequestor

Watch President Obama address the issue of the sequester in Newport News, VA February 26 2013



Economics PAN: Hot Topics

Firmly on the agenda for debate are the issues of

  • the discussion of income and wealth inequalities
  • employment, unemployment and job creation
  • regulation of financial services sector

A focal point for activism around these, and other issues, is the Occupy Wall Street movement

Economic Issues: The 2012 Budget


Debate raged and negotiations proceeded to produce a very different 2011 Budget from what President Obama proposed. 

Here we track how that developed and show some highlights in that process.

President Obama's speech on the 2012 Budget


Read the proposed Budget here.



See the outcome of the Budget


Economic Issues: Online resources, books and articles

Videos: President Obama's Speech to Congress on Jobs -

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Tett, Gillian Fool's Gold